How To Dress In Style This Summer

How To Dress In Style This Summer

Dressing for the British summer is notoriously difficult. Now that the mercury has well and truly risen, it is time for every self discerning sartorial dresser to ensure that their summer wardrobes will keep them looking stylish in the heat.

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, so here’s how to prepare for the summer and make sure that your wardrobe will be able to cope.


Getting The Basics Right

Firstly, we need to start with the basics. Get out your summer wear, and check to see what condition it’s in. Are a few items looking rugged and in need of replacement?

If so, start with these. If you make sure that your wardrobe is full of basics, everything should go together easily to form an outfit.

Think neutral colours such as grey, white and navy. Offshoots of these include brown, khaki and other shades of blue. You’ll need tee shirts, polos, oxford button down shirts, chinos, jeans and shorts. One or two of each will have you prepared for all manner of different outfit choices.

To keep the chill off, lightweight jumpers and outerwear will see you through the night. Don’t forget a well-cut blazer and a good waterproof mac or harrington will protect you from those British showers.

With a note on basics, make sure that they fit you perfectly and that you’re confident with how you look in them. Many men favour brand loyalty over fit, yet if you’re favourite brand’s tee shirts aren’t the right cut for you, it’s time to shop elsewhere. By making sure that you have a staple collection of well-fitting clothes that can be worn together in all manner of outfits, you’ll find that dressing is a hundred times easier in the morning.


Choosing The Right Fabric

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you’ll also need to think about fabrics. Make sure that you opt for breathable materials such as cotton, linen, silk and seersucker. These are known for their lightweight and airy qualities, and are perfect for the British summer as they can easily be layered on top of each other to keep you warm. Don’t worry though, if a pure silk jumper is out of your price range, a cotton and silk blend will do the trick for a fraction of the price.

A tip to remember, always buy the best quality that you can afford, That way your clothing should last as long as possible without having to replace items every year. Make sure you shop around, and you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Look for lightweight blazers in the above fabrics, a cotton and linen blend will be perfect for a summer jacket. Navy is timeless, but don’t be afraid to go for lighter shades of blue or cream, and if you wish for something different, why not opt for a pastel shade or brighter statement colour to go with your neutral basics?

The key to dressing in our climate is to master the art of layering lightweight fabrics. This is where those neutral colours come in handy. Once successful, you’ll be able to add and remove layers when the weather takes a turn for the worse, or the better, all with the greatest of ease. So layer that silk v-neck jumper between your oxford button down and blazer when the temperature drops, but go for a tee shirt and linen blazer when the sun’s at its hottest.


Now To Add Some Colour

Once you have a staple wardrobe in place, you can then start introducing colour and print. How about bright polo shirts with neutral shorts or chinos, or a printed shirt under your blazer or jumper? Make sure you only have one bright garment in your outfit, and anchor the rest of it with basic colours. When you’re shopping and see something bright and colourful, make sure you can justify splashing out rather than putting the money towards repairing or upgrading a staple item that’s seen its best.

It’s also a good idea to think carefully about what you’d wear an item with before you buy it to ensure that it won’t be neglected. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a shopping spree and finding that none of your outfits go together. Summer sees a host of unusual colours and prints, so make sure you don’t go overboard, and purchase wisely. By ensuring that your wardrobe basics are up to scratch, you shouldn’t have this problem.


What To Wear On Your Feet

Footwear is always a tricky one in Britain when you’re not sure what the weather will do next. Going sockless is an easy way to embrace the summer, but make sure you buy sock liners to stop your feet overheating. They’ll help to prolong the life of your shoes, prevent odours, and nobody will even know you’re wearing them. Also, make sure that you have your basics covered, a good pair of brogues, loafers and boots will work in most occasions. A dark-medium brown will bear you in good stead, although tan works nicely too.

Once you’ve got the basics, it’s time to release your inner shoe penchant. Suede can be worn only if you’re sure that it won’t rain. Available in a variety of colours, bright and neutral, you can easily add a touch of personality to your outfit. They are also lightweight and breathable. Look for suede loafers, brogues or driving shoes, and play with colour to make a statement.

If you’re not brave enough for suede, then opt for a good pair of leather shoes. On the smart side, think tan brogues or loafers, and if you wish to err on the side of casual; driving shoes, trainers, boat shoes or luxe espadrilles will be great options. Even though they’ll hold up in wet weather, make sure you spray them with a water protector just in case. Although tan is most versatile, the summer pays tribute to brighter hues from catwalk to high street, so look for something unique to make you stand out from the crowd.

imagesNow To Finish It Off

Now for the finishing touch, accessories can make or break an outfit. The key to being in control is to abide by the rule of three. Any more than this, and you’ll overcomplicate your outfit.

With accessories it’s important to establish what kind of dresser you are. If your wardrobe is full of basic colours that go together, then you can experiment with prints and bright colours when it comes to accessories. An easy trick is to wear bright socks with an outfit and roll your hems. Or why not try a colourful pocket square in your navy blazer for a bit of fun? An interesting belt is also an easy way to add character to your ensemble without having to try too hard.

If your wardrobe is colourful and trend led, then plain conservative colours will work better. Think about different textures and fabrics instead for your points of interest. A knitted navy tie will always have a place, as well as plaited leather belt in a conservative colour. You could go for timeless items such as a watch or sunglasses, or for the adventurous, try a summer scarf or a trilby or panama hat to give your outfit a touch of flair.

So there you have it. How to approach dressing this, and every summer in the British climate. Stock up on the basics, then feel free to explore colour and print, and let your imagine run wild.

Reiss SS14. Blue: The Trend.

2014 beckons many things.  More blog articles, more trends, more clothes. But wait…

Not just any clothes. The New Collection from Reiss.

Here’s what we have so far, the beginning of what’s to come, and OH how we can’t wait to show you what’s to come!

To start – pick a colour, any colour, as long as it’s blue.

Here are a few ways to wear this season’s biggest colour trend:

The Suit:


If you want to look your coolest this spring/summer, opt for a blue suit. Inject some colour into your tailoring. Buy the three-piece and wear it with everything. Mix and match. You won’t regret it.

The Coat:


Perfect for the unpredictable weather that our English climate throws at us. Put this over your suit when the heavens open, or wear at the weekend with a jumper and slim jeans. Just know that you’ll be kept stylish and bone dry.

The Trouser:


Nothing beats a pair of navy chinos. Arguably the most versatile trouser in the market. Wear with shirt and tie in the week, mix it with a light coloured blazer, or team with a T-shirt at the weekend.

The Jeans:


Be sure to pick up a pair of dark blue jeans. The perfect cross between denim and chinos, these will work with tailoring or your weekend wardrobe.

The Shirts:


Here’s where you can really get some blue into your wardrobe. Almost as easy to wear as a white shirt, blue is this season’s colour to keep you looking fresh. Opt for a lighter hue for when the temperature heats up, or why not try a darker shade with a suit for that smarter edge?

Don’t forget your denim shirt either. Wear with chinos in the pub and those comfy winter boots until the sun comes out.

The Jumper(s):


Perfect for injecting colour into your wardrobe without too much fuss. Choose something bright, or go for a soft but striking sweater for that sport luxe feel.

The T-Shirt:


Pack some punch this spring with a T-shirt that does the talking. Wear with your trusty navy chinos, or team with jeans for a simple but on-trend style.

The Accessories:


The easiest way to embrace the trend without splashing out is to upgrade your accessories. Go for that light blue tie to make a summery statement, or choose a classic pocket square for that sartorial nod.

The Sneak Peak:

Wickham. (Shoe Anstice)
Wickham. (Shoe Anstice)

We haven’t got them yet, but we sure hope they’ll arrive. Put on your blue suede shoes…

This season blue is the new black with a capital B. Don’t get left behind.

What is Mens’ Fashion?

See the featured article here:


“What is mens’ fashion?” One might ask these days.

When the temperature starts to drop and the focus from summer sales slips to winter wardrobe essentials and investment pieces, there comes a time when one asks oneself, “what is men’s fashion?”

The ever encroaching winter weather has men coolly delving into their pockets and spending on high price items for their wardrobe. The questions is, why do they do this? Why do men feel the need to splurge and what is it that is driving them to do so?

Well, apart from making sure that their wardrobe has enough fire-power to keep them warm and dry for the harsh British weather conditions that are expected, there are some underlying points that are due some attention.

The main one being that menswear is becoming even more of a dominant force in the world of fashion if it cannot be called so already. It possesses a hunger that we have never seen before. The demand for fashionable mens’ clothing is through the roof, with premium designer labels leading the way for mid-level and high street brands to follow suit (no pun intended).

Never before have the likes of the lower-end been mentioned when it comes to fashion with a nod of positive recognition towards what they are doing. Sure, they are still doing what they are negatively known for, but they are investing time in creating what men want in terms of the style and cut of their clothing. We are seeing old brands reaffirm themselves in the world of fashion such as Marks and Spencer and Debenhams. We are experiencing a menswear revolution. Yet why are these brands so aware of this revival in dressing for gentlemen? For this, we must go back to basics.

The word ‘fashion’ consists of two parts; something that is ‘popular’ or ‘the latest style’ of clothing, and a ‘manner of doing something’. You can wear fashionable clothes in a particular fashion. This is the basis from which menswear is building on. Ticking both of these boxes is what makes fashion most important, and being able to tick these boxes is what brands are offering for men to now do.

While in contrast, womenswear has become so popular and repetitive that the ‘manner of doing something’, or in this case, ‘wearing something’, has been lost as trends are repeated in a cycle and originality is less easy to come by. Menswear, on the other hand, is able to fill this gap in the market, where new ideas and combinations can be tested, and different channels can be explored.

It is because of this that men are starting to jump on board. Gone are the days when the aspiring gentleman will throw on an outfit to personal taste or without guidance or advice. Now, there are blogs and forums where men can find out about how to dress for particular occasions and what to wear to suit their lifestyle, body shape, budget… etc. The list goes on. It is this wealth of information and interest in the subject of mens’ clothing that is driving the market.

Yet, the journey that men take to get to a point where they are comfortable with what they wear on a daily basis, and are able to experiment and embrace new trends successfully, can be a long one in the making.

Firstly, they must build their capsule wardrobe, usually through buying basics and staples which they know they can confidently put together and will look good in a variety of situations. Then, they start to play around with different colours, and add a few accessories to show individuality and character. Finally, once they have cemented their ability in knowing what to wear and how to wear it, they can start buying items that are trend-led and unique to incorporate them into their look.

This process, however, can take a great deal of time. There are those who take very easily to it, and they will race ahead of others in learning how to dress well. Yet, it is a personal thing, and while people may get the basics right, it’s the attitude they bring to the clothes that they are wearing, and the touches of character in how they wear them, which is what the menswear market is exposing and growing from.

Now, that men are taking more of an interest in fashion, they are starting to realise that they need to think differently and act differently in order to look different. Fashion is all about following and breaking the rules at the same time. It’s all about the expression of character and personality, and it is in menswear that new things can be done to embrace such ideas.

There are now new materials, new cuts, new shapes, and new colours in everything from clothing, to shoes, to accessories. We are seeing the refinement in quality and classic sartorial style in brands combined with twists and innovative ‘takes’ on old classics. Menswear is mixing the old with the new. It is taking its experience as the younger sibling to womenswear, quietly growing up and maturing in its own time, yet now it is ready to become a man. Now is the time for it to take its own path and show the world what menswear is all about. Never before have designers been so imaginative and never before have we been willing to listen to their ideas and try them for ourselves.

So what is mens’ fashion? It is a guide. It has rules that are there to be broken. It is fresh and imaginative with a touch of old school class and maturity. Menswear is the new womenswear and it’s now time for the girls to move over. Menswear is now in the spotlight.


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